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For 'Healing Yesterday's Tears' by Kyli Santiago

What the Literary World is Saying about Healing Yesterday's Tears by Kyli Santiago

Since its release, Healing Yesterday’s Tears by Kyli Santiago has been garnering esteemed acclaim amongst professional book enthusiasts in the independent publishing industry. Read what reviewers and editors have to say about Kyli Santiago’s debut poetry collection below!


“Thematically rich and narratively poignant, Healing Yesterday’s Tears is a must-read for poetry lovers as well as for readers who have struggled with mental health issues or suffered through abusive relationships. Kyli Santiago bares her soul in a mesmerizing collection of poems that make you ponder long after you’ve finished reading them. If you’re looking for some moving introspective poetry to delve into, I highly recommend Healing Yesterday’s Tears.”

“A truly heartrending exploration, Santiago guides readers on a journey that begins with desperation and despondency but ends with light and power. If you are exhausted from your personal battles, this poetic journal offers the strength you need to fight and conquer. Inspirational and energizing, Healing Yesterday’s Tears is a contemporary treasure that we all need to pay attention to.” 

“Kyli is much more than a survivor. She is a victor who has been to the depths of darkness and comes into the glorious light of healing. She tells it like it is. She does not try to whitewash the pain, fear, chains, control, and other negative experiences those who suffer from depression feel. Use the words of this book to motivate you to keep moving forward. Love yourself. I loved, loved, loved your book.” 

“Reading Santiago’s poetry is like looking through the window to her soul. Her work gives hope to readers and shows them that the most adverse conditions can be overcome.  I highly recommend Santiago’s work to anyone looking for the inspiration to love themselves again. Learning through adversity is one of the most challenging processes, but Santiago has mastered it–we are fortunate she has been led to share her experiences with the world.” 

“Kyli, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, hope, and transformation. I am glad that Healing Yesterday’s Tears by Kyli Santiago was written because I see it as a tool and resource for allowing others to …  understand that they’re not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  If you’re searching for a book of release, transparency, and accountability, you must read Healing Yesterday’s Tears.  Get your copy now and share the treasures that this book holds with others. Highly recommended.” 

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