Book Review: Healing Yesterday's Tears

By Vernita Naylor, Readers' Favorite

When you pick up a book to read, what are you looking for? How do you want the book to make you feel? If you’re searching for a book of release, transparency, and accountability, you must read, Healing Yesterday’s Tears: An Inspiring Poetry Book about Overcoming Emotion and Discovering Love of Self by Kyli Santiago.

Immediately beginning with the first poem, you are charged with matters of the heart where discovering your voice to deal with betrayal, hurt, and pain is essential for every aspect of healing and self-care. The beauty of words and expression is the catalyst for this book of over 20 poems. These poems speak of the true grit of the author’s life and experiences in dealing with depression.

Many in the world today are battling similar challenges that are taking them over the edge. Some people remain in the abyss, feeling lost and hopeless, while others daily look for ways to claw themselves out of the dark hole.

I am glad that Healing Yesterday’s Tears by Kyli Santiago was written because I see it as a tool and resource for allowing others to not only see themselves but to be inspired to understand that they’re not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The way the author writes and constructs the poems reflects the essence of the journey and its struggles as seen in the poems Healing, Whispers, Save Myself, Cloak of Cupid, and Shining Star.

Conversations with Suicide was so profound in its delivery due to the chronological effects of how the discussion with oneself is had prior to committing suicide. This gives a feeling of shock and awe to the reader when seeing it written. As this conversation continues to unfold, it gives me pause in understanding why almost one million people die by suicide.

Kyli, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, hope, and transformation. Get your copy now and share the treasures that this book holds with others. Highly recommended.

Vernita Naylor

Readers' Favorite

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