Book Review: Healing Yesterday's Tears

By Pikasho Deka, Readers' Favorite

Healing Yesterday’s Tears by Kyli Santiago is an inspiring poetry book about overcoming emotional baggage and discovering self-love. Using her own life as her muse, Kyli Santiago pens beautifully crafted poems that draw inspiration from some of the darkest moments in her life. Kyli had a rough childhood and suffered from bouts of chronic depression all her life. But she always strove toward the light and used her poetry as a part of the healing process.


There is some heavy subject matter used in the narrative, such as depression, suicide, rape, emotional abuse, etc. However, Kyli also infuses themes of hope, love, inner strength, and healing into her poems that leave you with a sense of optimism about the future.

Thematically rich and narratively poignant, Healing Yesterday’s Tears is a must-read for poetry lovers as well as for readers who have struggled with mental health issues or suffered through abusive relationships. Kyli Santiago bares her soul in a mesmerizing collection of poems that make you ponder long after you’ve finished reading them. Kyli uses poetry as a form of therapy — a sort of meditation — releasing all of her pent-up anger and pain through these poetic verses. 

Being in abusive relationships destroys one’s self-esteem. Through these poems, Kyli aims to help people discover self-love and encourages them to practice self-preservation. If you’re looking for some moving introspective poetry to delve into, I highly recommend Healing Yesterday’s Tears.

Pikasho Deka

Readers' Favorite

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