Book Review: Healing Yesterday's Tears

By Philip Van Heusen, Readers' Favorite

In Healing Yesterday’s Tears, the reader understands that Kyli Santiago knows depression and suicidal thoughts. She tells it like it is. She does not try to whitewash the pain, fear, chains, control, and other negative experiences those who suffer from depression feel. Kyli is much more than a survivor. She is a victor who has been to the depths of darkness and comes into the glorious light of healing. She was strong and stood up against the impossible adversary some call depression.

While a determination to overcome the long night of depression is an important component in the fight, there are times we may need the help of a counselor or even medication. There is no shame in this. When at war, and believe me, depression is a war, you take advantage of whatever resources you can find.

There is healing power in poetry—writing it or reading it. Kyli Santiago understands this truth and has written wise poems for those who have or are experiencing depression and its ugly cousins. In Healing Yesterday’s Tears, we find out that we need self-love and the action of loving ourselves as well as self-preservation. Learning to be who you really are is essential to good mental health. Don’t let others mold you into something you are not.

This book will give you encouragement and inspiration. Kyli writes as someone who has been there, done that. She understands the lure as well as the deception of suicide. Realize that you can’t let depression and suicide win. You are worth so much more than that. You deserve more.

Use the words of this book to motivate you to keep moving forward. Love yourself. Get rid of the negative and the toxic. Realize your worth. I loved, loved, loved your book.

Philip Van Heusen

Readers' Favorite

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