Book Review: Healing Yesterday's Tears

By Jennifer Jackson, Indies Today

“I must write to heal my shattered heart that bleeds in sorrow and still cries yesterday’s tears.” Does this stanza find an echo in your ailing soul? If so, Kyli Santiago’s highly personal journal of poetry, Healing Yesterday’s Tears – An Inspiring Poetry Book about Overcoming Emotion and Discovering Love, will be a balm for your hurting heart.

The pages are rife with struggle and anguish, and the words are delivered without affectation. These poems, blatantly provocative in their honesty and truth, will undoubtedly resonate with readers who have endured similar trials. Conversations with Suicide is an especially moving composition. If you overlook the title, you might think the poem is about a seductive lover, offering a forbidden passion that is waiting to be fulfilled. But the truth of it comes crashing down in a pile of rubble and despair when you realize the temptation ends in death. What an unguarded and heartbreaking sentiment!

But keep reading. This collection imparts so much more than a melancholy anthology of struggle and strife. Kyli Santiago is a fighter, and it is her brave resolve that permeates the entire book.

Confronting modern problems in a no-nonsense manner, Healing Yesterday’s Tears tackles painful issues such as depression and rape, and stands up to them through soul-stirring verse. The powerful themes will strike a nerve with many, and those who haven’t experienced these difficult problems personally will gain profound empathy for those that have.  A truly heartrending exploration, Santiago guides readers on a journey that begins with desperation and despondency but ends with light and power.

“I still have made a choice…I consciously choose love.” Is that how you want to feel?  If you are exhausted from your personal battles, this poetic journal offers the strength you need to fight and conquer. Inspirational and energizing, Healing Yesterday’s Tears is a contemporary treasure that we all need to pay attention to.

Jennifer Jackson

Indies Today

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